Annie Hu@2018 Migratory Bird Program

Annie Hu

1.During your stay at 2050, what was the biggest surprise that you have encountered?

== Meet all the friends from all over the world!! Got to know Prof. Wang and the stories behind Alibaba Group.

2.If you would have a chance to run 2050 in your city, which session that you would must keep? And why?

==Technology ecosystem tour! And the panel focuses on the emerging market because it’s an obvious trend.

3.The 2050 experience is almost 6 months’ stale, are there any moments that you still remember? Would you love to share these moments with us? Please describe them in details.

== The dance and ceremony section during the conference. Marathon in the rain. And explore Hangzhou with all the fellows… There are a lot of unforgettable moments. 

4.Say something for our next 2050 in 2019.

== Enjoy and Explore more! Hope we can get the panel focuses on the emerging market done in 2019.