Irving Amukasa@2018 Migratory Bird Program

Irving Amukasa

1.During your stay at 2050, what was the biggest surprise that you have encountered?

Alibaba own an entire town!!!!

2.If you would have a chance to run 2050 in your city, which session that you would must keep? And why?

RADII sessions, English first sessions. Sophia the robot

3.The 2050 experience is almost 6 months’ stale, are there any moments that you still remember? Would you love to share these moments with us? Please describe them in details.

Seeing the alpha GO ai playing GO with a robotic arm. Always thought the ai gave human instructions.

4.Say something for our next 2050 in 2019.

Will learn some functional mandarin to better integrate in china. Awesome volunteers who understand English fluently.