Dorota Lewandowska@2018 Migratory Bird Program


Dorota Lewandowska

1. During your stay at 2050, what was the biggest surprise that you have encountered?

 In my opinion the greatest surprise that I have encountered was level of the organization. The event and the plan of every day was extremely well-organized. We always knew what to do and where to go. The whole day was scheduled. It was an astonishing experience, as the event was gigantic and there were a lot of people from different countries, speaking foreign languages, looking for other things. In spite of it, everything was perfect for me. The one extraordinary thing that I saw at the event place were tents in which some of the participants slept. It was something new for me, but I count is as an awesome solution. Before event I couldn’t even imagine how many wonderful people I am going to meet and listen to, during all of these days during forums. Their knowledge, passion, ideas and the way of speaking about those impressed me a lot.

2.If you would have a chance to run 2050 in your city, which session that you would must keep? And why?

I am not sure what should I understand by “session”. In my opinion we cannot skip the Migrant Bird Programme which let people from all over the world to meet and to exchange a word or two with each other. I have met a lot of amazing, powerful, creative people who want to make the world a better place! That variety of participants full of ideas, have made that event even more enjoyable and unique. That  made me think it is a good idea to continue this programme next year.

3.The 2050 experience is almost 6 months’ stale, are there any moments that you still remember? Would you love to share these moments with us? Please describe them in details.

There are a lot of things worth remembering! The moment which I remember the most about 2050 was a meeting with Wang Jian. The meet and greet event where we could get to know him and talk to him. It was very unexpected and outstanding idea.  What’s more, for me another memorable moments are connected with Migrantbirds group and all of the volunteers. Thanks to them the whole event was even more wonderful. We have spent that time together, with loads of funny moments, and had the opportunity to share our stories. We have talked a lot on different topics what made that time special. We were travelling together, eating, teaching, learning, and supporting each other. At this point I would like to mention Oppo’s phones. We got them for the entire event duration and, to be honest, they made our communication a whole lot smoother. What is more, thanks to them we could find important information about event, the schedule and keep in touch.

 4.Say something for our next 2050 in 2019

The programme and event really impressed me. It is a great opportunity for young people interested in technology, science, future who are full of ideas and willingness to get to know another cultures. The event let us join a lot of interesting forums during the day and welcome party and concerts in the evenings were also memorable. There were also many fun games and activities organized. The forums were amazing, speakers had a possibility to present their ideas, work, experience and teach us a lot. What can I add to 2019? For Migrantbirds programme a possibility to choose in which session they would like to participate before the event, I think It would be really nice. Of course I’d love to see the whole event to lasting longer as for many of us it was the time of our lives