Tech brings youths together.

2050 REUNION gives young people an opportunity to share their passions and carry out their dreams with others who share the same vision.

Being a part of the 2050 REUNION, the Migratory Bird Program (MBP) awards youth from all over the world, who needs a bit financial support, a unique experience to explore 2050 REUNION. MBP will provide accommodation and flight for those youths.

Members of MBP can give speeches and road shows during the 2050 REUNION, share your vision, achievements and experience. The Migratory Bird Program will also help members to reunite with youths in the same field from mainland China during 2050 REUNION to discuss topics of interest such as technological innovation, regional synergy and global development.

Now, 2019 MBP is open and accepting enrollments.

Recommendation is requirement for enrollment of being MBP candidates. Contact with anyone of our volunteers to get more information about 2050 REUNION and Migratory Bird Program,and introduce yourself to get their recommendation. Or you can make a self-recommendation to enroll.Confirmation email will be sent as we receive your enrollment.

MBP Timelines

You can now enroll to be MBP candidate and the deadline to submit your recommendation is Jan.15,2019By Feb.15,2019 you will get to know the final decision, if successful you will be invited for a pre-trip web meeting.

2050 REUNION will take place at Apr.26,2019 to Apr.28,2019, Cloud Town, Hangzhou, China.

Email of MBP team: