Museum of Inspiration·Creativity Camp Reunion

2050博悟馆 • 创作营

In the summer of 2017, a three-month 'creativity camp', a group of imaginative youths, the constant involvement of more than 100 creators from different fields, gave birth to the 'Museum of Inspiration 1.0'. In 2018, 'A Garden of Nothing' opened on the opening day of the 1st 2050, telling us the stories about the past decade of Yunqi and the past Millennium of Si Township. At the moment, a experiment course called How to Design a 'Museum of Inspiration' is going on at China Academy of Art. On April 26, 2019, the temporary alteration of the course time makes the ending of the course and the opening of 2050 perfectly meet by chance. Every juniors of this course will bring their own design works to 2050, and the creators of all the Museum of Inspiration·Creativity Camps will also gather at the reunion, together with the talents invited from different fields, to enjoy the spark of inspiration from the collision of art and technology.