Migratory Birds Reunion

These volunteers who made the Migratory Bird Program happened in 2018 and 2019 will reunite new and old Migratory Birds this year. They are:

Daniel Vincz, One of the Migratory Bird of 2019, came to 2050 with the support of INPUT,a Hungarian innovation institution. He is the convener of migratory bird reunion and will connect from Phnom Penh in Cambodia.

Kate Konstantin, like Daniel, is a Migratory Bird sponsored by the same institution in 2019, and she is also a high school classmate of Daniel. It is she who linked Thore and Daniel. Kate, who is a doctor of law, is currently starting a business with a group of friends in the field of ecological economy.

Thore Vestby, co-founder of Ichi Foundation, is based in Drobak, Norway. He has served as the mayor of this city for more than ten years, and has served as a member of parliament in Norway, and is now retired. 2050 is his new stage for life.

Lan Dapeng, a member of EIT Alumni Association, is currently studying for his Ph.D. at Oslo University. He is also a migratory bird in 2019. He will connect from Oslo.

Annie Hu, an active participant in migratory bird program. She once worked in NGO in Africa, and is still engaged in work related to Africa. Most Migratory Birds from Africa come from her interface.

Tong Shitian, convener of Migratory Bird program and founder of BRAVO, was the first to promote the whole Migratory Bird program. He will come to Yunqi Hall to attend the reunion of Migratory Birds.

Liu Jian, co-founder of Ichi Foundation, has assisted Migratory Bird Program to interface Migratory Bird candidates in Europe and other places. She will participate in migratory bird reunion in Yunqi Hall.