Solution-GREENERGY™ under SIEU Green project (Horizon 2020), a smart, green solution for integrated water and sanitation, storm water management, energy supply and nutrient management in cities based on the principle of resource recovery and safe reuse aims to increase resilience of cities, make urban development more climate-, environment- and human-friendly with near zero emissions, circular economy, low climate and water footprints. The innovative element of Greenergy is the well balanced combination of technical and social innovations that facilitates 1) reduced water consumption, 2) the minimisation of greenhouse gas emissions, 3) the promotion of reusing CO2 and waste-based nutrients in local greenhouses, 4) the production of biogas/energy from domestic organic waste, 5) the production of fertilizers from domestic organic waste and 6) the promotion of ecological sanitation. Drinking water + Greywater + Blackwater + Food(Nutrient)

"Tao Huang, Oslo, International experience working in project management positions on water preparedness, emergency supply as well as sustainable smart city development projects in Europe and China Specific experience includes: • Water resources management projects. • Drinking water and wastewater treatment system . • Sino- EU green city development project ( Horizon 2020 project) • Norwegian and international preparedness and emergency supply on water and sanitation projects."