2021 DCG "Project Wormhole" Beta

Chinese DEFCON GROUPs have  been  partner with 2050 to organize hacker events since 2019, this year we are coming back with 2050, due to covid, we are launching Project Wormhole Beta—first DCG virtual online meetup.

In 2019 the founder of Beijing Group DC010 was visiting DC801 in Salt Lake City, Utah,USA, they come up with an idea to connect the  hackerspaces of DCGs located in different cities using video cameras, robots, VR etc. This will enable DCG community members from all the hackerspaces to interact with each other, break the limitation of physical segregation, members can traverse to hackerspace they want, just like “wormhole”.

We propose the following topics to discuss,but new topics are welcome
  • What is the Covid situation in your area? How Covid have affected cybersecurity industry in your area?
  • The privacy and security risk of connected/autonomous cars.
  • The privacy and security risk of IoT devices.
  • Blockchain Tech, is it just hype or of practical application?
  • The evolution of web security.
  • Industrial Control System Security.
  • AI applied to security and the security of AI itself.
  • The ethical bias and privacy implication of AI systems.
  • Cyber crime as a global problem, what aspect of cyber crime can only be solved via global cooperation? What kind of cooperation?决?什么样的合作?
  • What are the new emerging cybersecurity issues in post-covid era?
  • Space/Aviation  Security
  • Security Incident Response

李均 Li Jun (selfighter)

Jun Li is a senior security expert at Radio Security Department of 360 Technology, core member of UnicornTeam, he got a master degree from Chengdu University of Information Technology . His is focusing on the security research of connected cars,wireless communication,hardware etc. He had presented his researches at premier security conferences like Blackhat, DEFCON,ISC,CanSecWest, HITB, Syscan360 etc. He is the trainer for ISC . He is the author of two security books, Radio Attack&Defence Demystified and Smart Car Attack&Defence Demystified. He won sixth place in MITRE IoT Challenge .He was featured in the documentary A Century With Cars by CCTV. He started the first DEFCON GROUP in China—DC010 and his is the member of DEFCON GROUPs Global Advisory Board .