Evolution of Cities: from the Perspectives of Three Generations



What is the gist of our discussion on cities and technology?
In our finest vision of the City in 2050, urbanites could lift off with thrusters; autonomous vehicles, smart infrastructure and instant global medical-data-sharing would be routine in every corner of the City.

We all yearn for a technological utopia, however, it is vital to ponder on how to pave the way to that wonderland. Therefore, we have invited guests from three generations, 1970s, 80s and 90s, to explore the driving forces behind the evolution of cities and technology from their unique and insightful perspectives.

1. Round Table Meeting: Time
Topic: Evolution of Cities: from the Perspectives of Three Generations

Guests: Yaoyao - Bilibili KOL, Zhou Tao - Professor at University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Mao Mingrui - Founder of UrbanXYZ.
Agenda: a. The City in your childhood.
b. Beijing / Shanghai / Guangzhou / Shenzhen or Hangzhou / Xiamen / Chengdu / Changsha, which one is the most poised to become a City of the Future?
c. City of the Future deconstructed: from our guests’ professional perspectives.

2. Round Table Meeting: Space
Topics: Terrestrial, Aquatic and Airborne Scientific New Species
Exploring the Future of Scientific New Species with Founders of Top Start-ups in China
分享人:零重空间创始人兰利东;云深处CTO 李超;潜行科技销售总监胡大磊
Agenda: a. Introduction to terrestrial, aquatic and airborne scientific new species: application scenarios of the trio’s products and what impact these apparatuses can bring to our society.
b. Envisaging 2050: founders’ visions of the spheres of land, ocean and space in 2050.

陈向明 浙江杭州