The relationship between human activities and Forests

I recently started a new journey, learned a lot about Eco-protection and International Eco problems. While realising how ignorant I am in this topic, I also feel that a lot of people would feel the same way as me.So I want to share my knowledge, and invite the experts and interesting souls I ran into during my research, so we can share something to everyone to learn!

Forum language: English

Questions that will be asked:

1. What is the most touching story between you and forest directly/indirectly?
2. What is the relationship between Human and forest in your opinion?
3. How do we become positive influencer for forest by modifying our life details?


Who's sharing:

Ving (Cities4Forests Communication officer|China) Hangzhou

She is trying to build a resource and Development sharing platform in Eco-development. She is continuously searching for Eco-development related best practices in China;


ChantaL Van Ham (IUCN) Brussels

EU Program Manager Nature Based Solutions in the IUCN European Regional Office. She has spread her passion in the biodiversity restoration and ecosystem repair.


Stuart Reigeluth (Founder of REVOLVE Magazine) Brussels

He is working to be the leader in communicating sustainability with the quaterly magazine REVOLVE.


Guus Keder (Founder of Fenix Ventures, Board Member of WGDO) Brussels

He is aiming at using Technology to provide solutions for environmental and health care issues whilst the development of human kind, promoter of Sustainable businesses model.


Nick Zhang, Hangzhou

New villager and the guardian of Qingshan village, enthusiastic in Eco protection and restoration, and building a sustainable future village.


Yipei Lee, Hangzhou

Suaveart founder, a frequent traveler in South East countries, she would take artists to Indonesia to watch the red Grillas, and plant trees. She is promoting Art& Ecology combined protection and education mindset and biodiversity.

Aamar Khwaja Modgarden 创始人 多伦多


Tom Wanger 西湖大学 SAT Lab 德国

可持续发展、农业和技术实验室 教授,也是德国哥廷根大学农业生态学者。他的SAT实验室旨在通过在现有和新的农业生产系统中可持续地提供粮食、能源和纤维,为实现可持续发展目标做出贡献。

Ving Hangzhou

A lady that is easily touched by others passion so she does more, and she wants to do more than what she does.