2050 Frequently Asked Questions (2019)

Q: What is 2050?

A:Click here to view video archives of 2050 Reunion@2018. This might be the quickest way to get a feel of what is 2050!

One sentence 2050 explained: "年青人因科技而团聚."

Most conferences set up a key topic first, then invite the speakers. Most conferences build up a core team first, then come the service providers. On the other hand, 2050 invites the people here first, then their topics come with them. 2050 has the people here without knowing what they could do in the first place, then they come up with what they could do while meeting with others.

As a new born species, 2050 is hard to define, but we can describe it as follows.

2050 is operated as a non-government & not-for-profit project under Hangzhou Yunqi Science and Technology Innovation Foundation, and was initiated by multiple volunteer individuals and volunteer organisations.

Through May 25th to 27th, 2018, the founding 2050 Conference was held in Cloud Town, Hangzhou, gathering tens of thousands of "youngs" to reunited for 3 days. During a monthly meetup after the 3-day event, Dr. Wang Jian the founder of Yunqi Science and Technology Innovation Foundation, also a 2050 volunteer, said, "2050 Conference is NOT a conference. 2050 is REUNION. 2050 allows youngs to bring their interested topics here, sharing what they think about the world and their actions in front of thousands of people."

Currently, there are 4 major "grounds" to hold 2050:

  1. Every April, during its last non-working weekend (A set of Friday, Saturday and Sunday before the May 1st Labour Day Holidays in China), there will be a yearly reunion for 2050.
  2. This official website of 2050.
  3. The monthly meetups for 2050 volunteers, on the last Friday of each month. (Technically some meetup dates are not set on the "last" Friday of the month, so keep an eye on the announcements!)
  4. A physical "booklet" for 2050, which is still in preparation stage.

Q: Why the name "2050"?

A: 2050 is a number. A number of imaginations. 2050 is a code for a particular year, which is neither too far nor too near, as in, in between the time frame of sci-fi and non-fictions.

Q: Who is the target "audience" for 2050? Any specified professional fields or age limits?

A: Technically, "the rising sun" refers to youth under 35 year olds. But 2050 has no age limit, any age can attend! After all, the "youngs" is not about the physical, it's about the hearts!

As for "profession", 2050 does not set any "profession" requirements. Despite the slogan "Tech brings youths together", 2050 is for not-so-techies, too! As long as you are legal, you respect and follow the 2050 spirits, 2050 is for you:) For the founding 2050 reunion in 2018, as long as you feel right to spend your own money to buy an entry ticket, you feel right to spend your own time to fly here and spend 3 days with other "youngs", that already makes you the "target audience" for 2050.

The "youngs" are who believe in the future. Because "youngs" do not belong to the past.

Q: What is this event for? What is the goal of 2050?

A: Tech brings youth together. In the past, tech played too much role in dividing people. But tech can bring people together, too, just like what music and sports have done. It always make sense for the "youngs" to get together. Any place. Any time. Especially today. The "youngs" is in a state that they urge to explore more but don't have the chances. We should make the "youngs" get closer to real world challenges, make the society resources closer to the "youngs". Because 2050 will not be a linear continuation of today, we will need to do something we have not done before to make the "youngs" do things they didn't have the chances to do.

Q: Why should I care about 2050?

A: Because of your CURIOSITY. Because YOU don't want to be a BYSTANDER. YOU want to participate into something that you want it to happen, making your imaginations land in this real world. Because you want to meet face-to-face with other "youngs" who are like you, full of dreams and curiosities. You want to play with them, building things together. Together WE co-creating the FUTURE.

Q: How can I participate in 2050 Reunion?

A: Lots of paths. Different paths will require different levels of commitment. Of course, the more we commit, the more we gain! The key spirit is "volunteer".

On the last Fridays of each month, a 2050 monthly meetup is held in Cloud Town, Hangzhou. As long you are interested in 2050, you can register and come!

In every April, there will be a 3-day yearly 2050 Reunion. Once you buy your entry ticket, you can come to spend your 3 days, listen to the forums, view the expo, date with someone you like, do some running, play some football, sleep in a tent, and most importantly, be together with other interesting youngs from all backgrounds!

Of course, co-creating is the most interesting part of 2050. You can bring YOUR people and YOUR topics here to SHARE them! You can be a Forum Director to build your own forum. You can set up your own booth to display what you are building. You can be a Reunion Party Host to make your groups of people feel like home here in 2050! What we will see in 2050 is decided by YOU.

A even deeper commitment is to build the ARCHITECT of 2050 together as a Volunteer Committer, or we could say, a Volunteer Co-ordinator. Most regular works of 2050 is run by 2050 Volunteer Groups which are also comprised of 2050 Volunteer Individuals and Volunteer Organisations. The commitments are high, the returns are uncertain, the experience is unique, the output is the future. You can opt to join a working group as a committer, either as an individual or an organisation representative. You can start up your own volunteer group, too, when you see things that will need a new group. Co-ordinators of volunteer groups will be responsible for their tasks. But the most important thing about "co-ordinator" is to talk to your friends about 2050 and discuss what could be brought in!

Q: I am participating as a volunteer. Do I still need to buy my entry ticket?

A: Yes. Every attendee of 2050 Reunion is a volunteer, an entry ticket is already the entry level of commitment! :)

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