Let’s take a space walk with "Jueying" in 2050



In a huge place, with a surging flow of people, people may feel confused and uneasy when they are in an unfamiliar environment. For the "Jueying" quadruped robot, all of this can be easily faced: it walks and "watches" at a brisk pace, even in an unfamiliar environment, it can reach the designated place to complete the task assigned by the owner.

Do you want to get close to the first domestic quadruped robot for industry applications?

In addition to flexible sports skills such as running, jumping, dancing and somersaults, the quadruped robot already has an intelligent brain, such as human body following, autonomous navigation, map construction, intelligent obstacle avoidance, etc. The scene will fully demonstrate the integration of intelligent technology and sports capabilities.

In 2050, we are heading towards the vast universe!

In 2050, Let’s take a space walk with "Jueying"!