Everything Grows@2050


Drones Show

Youths from RobSense will perform a UAV show. Industrialized Real-time Cluster Control Technology will bloom in the night sky of the Cloud Town.

Hang out in The Market Street

Come and experience local culture and foods of Sixiang and Tonglu in Market Street, where is located between New Gen Forum and Explorer Expo.

Cloud Town Light Shows

10 buildings will be decorated with bright lights and animations to show different themes: Cloud Town Exhibition Center will be covered by water effect lighting to heighten the atmosphere; by using digital projection, the Cloud Town Eye will reveal a secret code to all youths.

Exploring Space from The Cloud Town Eye

During 2050@2019, Prof. Hongyu Chen, Chief Director Counselor of Institute of Micro/Nano Satellites (IMNS) will bring his personal astronomical telescope to the roof of the Cloud Town Eye and introduce mysteries of the universe.

Fly With Dreams

Dr. Bo Zhang is the first Chinese pilot, who flew around the world. He will paint his Diamond DA42 Twin Star with 2050 logo and fly all the way from U.S. to Cloud Town.

2050 Live Boardcast

On April 27th, Zhejiang Television will hold a 2-hour live TV show for 2050, which will kick off the upcoming 2050 tech shows.

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