Timezone: UTC +1

Initiated by: Ving Wu

Host: Cities4Forests
Co Host:Guus Keder & Ving Wu
Topic: The relationship between human activities and Forests

Boulevard du souverain 84, Brussels, Belgium

Open Time: 9:00-18:00 April 23& 24

About Cities4Forests

Cities4Forests helps cities around the world to connect with and invest in inner forests (such as city trees and urban parks), nearby forests (such as green corridors and watersheds) and tropical forests (such as tropical and boreal forests). We encourage our cities to conserve better, manage, and restore these forests and provide technical assistance to align local policy, share knowledge, and access peer-to-peer learning and communication activities to take climate action together. Currently, 63 cities are part of the network covering the six continents, and the network is growing.