Dear 2050 volunteers,

Since the beginning of 2050 events in 2018, volunteers from over 300 cities around the world have got together at 2050 in Yunqi with the vision for the future and the love for science and technology.

Every young person is unique. They come from different places around the world, speak different languages, love different technologies, and have different dreams. 2050 can be best characterized by four words: Volunteer, Youth, Technology, and Reunion.

At 2050@2019, Dr. Zhang Bo, one of our volunteers completed , while facing ultimate challenges, the ‘2050 Round-the-World Flight’ with the support of many other volunteers. Started from Chicago, Zhang Bo flied towards east to Yunqi with more than 20 stopovers in different cities on the way. This flight exlplains 2050’s definition of young people. The meaning of this definition is well written in the book " Dreaming Big - Around the World in 68 Days" authored by Zhang Bo.

In the last three years, the COVID epidemic has caused huge challenges for events like 2050 that volunteers from all over the world need to meet each other in person. This year, international traveling is still inconvenient for most people. Thanks to Dr. Zhang Bo’s passion and creativity, he has started another ‘2050@2023 Round-the-world Flight’ from Chicago, via New York, Jordan, all the way to Singapore, Hong Kong, Hangzhou, and Wuhu. By connecting young people in such a different way, it turns the 2050 Round-the-world Flight into a unique 2050@2023 event this year.

With the help of local volunteers, 2050@2023 will be organizing meetup events in Singapore, Hongkong, Hangzhou and Wuhu.

Singapore is the major stop for ‘2050@2023 Round-the-world Flight’ in Asia. The meetup in Singapore is scheduled on May 27th. The second meetup is scheduled on June 1st in Hongkong, where there is another 2050 volunteer pilot. The meetup in Hangzhou is scheduled on June 3rd at Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport to greet the landing of 2050 airplane piloted by Zhang Bo. Another meetup is scheduled on June 5th in Wuhu, where signifies a brand new start just like any other 2050 event, rather than the end of ‘2050@2023 Round-the-world Flight’.

It is like what sings in the song of 2050, titled ‘Reunion of Innocent Youth’: S/he said s/he would come that day, so that's why I am here. I say I will come that day, so that's why you are here.

The stories of young people at 2050 will continue!

Wang Jian
Founder, Hangzhou Yunqi Science and Technology Innovation Foundation