Tech Brings Youths Together

Starting from 2018
Every April, last full weekends
from Friday to Sunday
We get together for 3 days in Yunqi Cloud Town, Hangzhou
until 2050


With the vision of ‘Science and technology bring young people together’, ‘2050’ is a face-to-face event initiated by volunteers from all over the world. Started from the year 2018, the event is held from Friday to Sunday (lasting three-day and two-night) in the last full weekend of April every year at Yunqi in Hangzhou. In addition, a monthly meetup , also coordinated by volunteers, is held on the last Friday every month to brainstorm 2050 events for next year. It is becoming a unique way of 2050 event prepararion. Volunteers from 345 cities around the world have participated the 2050 events.

International traveling is still inconvenient for most people in the year of 2023. Thanks to 2050 volunteer Dr. Zhang Bo, young people around the world are connected with the second ‘2050 Round-the-world Flight’@2023, started from Chicago (US), flew through Goose Bay (CA), Greenland (DK), Wick (UK), Rome (IT), Heraklion (GR), Al Aqabah (JO), Dubai (AE), Karachi (PK), Nagpur (IN), Chattogram (BD), Bangkok (TH) and more cities with stopovers in Singapore ,Hong Kong, Hangzhou and Wuhu. Embracing challenges with fearless wings, this flight endows the 2050@2023 event with a unique significance. And with the help of local volunteers, 2050@2023 will be organizing meetups in Singapore, Hongkong, Hangzhou and Wuhu.

It is just like what sings in the song of 2050, titled ‘Reunion of Innocent Youth’: S/he said s/he would come that day, so that's why I am here. I say I will come that day, so that's why you are here.

2050 Meetup @ Singapore

Co-ordinator: Jo Xu
Time: 2:00PM, Saturday, 2023-MAY-27
Location: Flying Club WOA Aviation, Singapore (Special thanks to volunteers Zhang Bo and Jo Xu)

2050 Meetup @ Hong Kong

Co-ordinator: Hong Shi, Simon Yan
Time: 2:00PM, Wednesday, 2023-MAY-31
Location: Apron L433, Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong
(Special thanks to Airport Authority Hong Kong.Special thanks to volunteer Benson Sze)

Co-ordinator: Simon Yan
Time: 2:00PM, Thursday, 2023-JUN-1
Location: Roof Garden, LSK Business Building The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong (Special thanks to HKUST)

2050 Meetup @ Hangzhou

Co-ordinator: Xiaoyan Tao
Time: 2:00PM, Friday, 2023-JUN-2
Location: Greeting Building, Hangzhou International Airport, Hangzhou (Special thanks to Zhejiang Provincial Airport Group)

Co-ordinator: Xiaoyan Tao
Time: 2:00PM, Saturday, 2023-JUN-3
Location: 3F, Museum of Inspiration, Yunqi, Hangzhou

2050 Meetup @ Wuhu

Co-ordinator: Zhengkai Qian
Time: 2:00PM, Monday, 2023-JUN-5
Location: General Aviation Apron, Wuhu Xuanzhou Airport, Wuhu (Special thanks to volunteers Simon Yan and Zhengkai Qian)

2050@2023 We invite you for a nice meetup

Volunteer, Youth, Tech and Reunion

Dear 2050 volunteers,

This is an exhilarating time, not just because of the arrival of the internet or the possibility of colonizing Mars.

This is the youngest generation in history. 50% of the world’s population is under 30 years old. What could be more exciting? READ MORE>>

Volunteers have come from

On Jan 1st 2019, probably the longest countdown timer in seconds was setup on top of Yunqi. It counts down to the year of 2050.

2050 Countdown

var endtimer = new Date("Jan 1,2050 00:00:00").getTime(); var x = setInterval(function(){ var now = new Date().getTime(); var t = endtimer - now; var sec = Math.floor(t/1000); document.getElementById("2050countdown").innerHTML = sec; },1000);

He said he'll come that day, so that's why I am here
I say I will come that day, so that's why you are here
Oh what is in his eyes?
And what is in your eyes?
I see you stand there side by side, I feel just so happy :)

- 2050 Theme Song "Reunion of a Bunch of We-Know-Nothing Youths"